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Architectural Designer, Game App & Website Developer, Film Maker, Animator, Writter, VFX Artist, Autodesk Software Instructor, Youtuber, Surveyor. That's All in Short about me.

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We are working on Indian Multi-Player Battle Royale Game. Which is in the First Stage of Development. This Multi-Player Game Initially will be available for PC. If things go well then it will be available for Android Also. Because we have limited Resources & Budgets it will take some time to Complete. Also, We need your support & love, we Don't Need Sympathy for Indian Game. because after all, what matters is the Gameplay. ( Initial Public Beta Version will be Available on or after 15th August 2021 ) Hope we will able to fulfill your Gameplay by Extreme gaming experience.

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Game Development

  • Working on "TUSSLE - Tussle For Existence" Battle Royale Game

  • Working on Storymode Horror/Treasure Game

as Writter

  • My Love Story (for film Not for sale)

  • Sawkar: Killer Game (for Marathi Film)

  • SUPER - Vijay the Power Hunter (Hindi Web Series) < Click

  • SUPER - Abbu one man Army ( Hindi Web Series)

  • SUPER - Naga Army (Hindi Web Series)

  • SUPER - Pehelwan (Hindi Web Series)

  • SUPER - Hacker (Hindi Web Series)

  • Aazadi (Hindi Short Documentary)

  • Bodhidharma - Forgotten Story (Hindi Animation Short-film)

  • The Lost - (Animation Short-film)

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Akshay Gadekar

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Akshay Gadekar
Akshay Gadekar
Akshay Gadekar

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About me

Akshay Gadekar

working - 2019

My Background

I grew up in Small Village. I'm from farmers family. I have done my primary education in my village. then i came to urbar-city for Higher Studies. When I came I was very confused about career, in that confusion i had done ITI & Civil Engg. During Engg i realised, i can't live ordinary life. so then i started do learn different things which i love to do. on that way i'm very happy with my all achievements.

My Hobbies

My Hobby is very Simple Learn more & more from world and implement it for life and Dreams.

In other words you can say i'm not a limited thinking person. I'm crazy about my Hobbies, Dreams & Work.

Akshay Gadekar

on Shortfilm Shoot - 2017

Akshay Gadekar

on learning Shoot of "Pari hu Main" (Marathi Movie) 2017

My Fovorite Things

I love to work on Different types of Work so that I can do work with energy and without boring. I can do all these things showed above.

I have very small life to do all these things. but I'm happy I have done great jobs in all these skills like a Professional. And Thanks for Visiting and Knowing me better before u know me. Keep Supporting.

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Email ID: iam@AkshayGadekar.com

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